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Strategic Land Development

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Strategic Land Development

There are many stakeholders involved in the planning of strategic land developments, e.g.  developers, landowners, local communities, end users, regulators, statutory authorities, funders, and so on.  Each stakeholder has different value judgements and priorities in relation to the outcome of any strategic land development project.  Value Management techniques can reconcile these different priorities to deliver best value for all stakeholders, balancing the delivery of benefit with the expenditure of cost and resources.

The use of Value Management techniques in the decisions about development of strategic land can bring benefits to your organisation through:

  • maximising development value;
  • achieving better strategic decisions;
  • defining clear objectives;
  • improving understanding and ownership of outcomes;
  • improving teamwork through better knowledge and understanding of the required outcomes;
  • reducing resource waste;
  • encouraging creativity and innovation in delivery at all levels;
  • defining how the proposals balance the needs of all stakeholders to reach the optimum solution 

Pharos Consulting provide Value Management services from the initial phases through to the delivery of infrastructure to ensure best value is achieved in the development of your strategic land sites.